Fund Ventures

Access fresh deal flow of startup investment

Funders is a validated deal flow portfolio of fast-growing start-ups with initial traction, revenue, capital raised, that are seeking to accelerate the scale-up process.

benefits to investors
  • No fund management fee
  • No carried interest
  • Pipeline of curated companies
  • Deal flow for investor thesis
  • Diverse by stage, sector and region

Qualified Deal Flow partners with leading Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Office, Investment Funds, Investment Banks and High Net Worth Individuals around the world to showcase exciting companies and portfolios, providing investors with personalized high level deal flow.

Data Driven Approach

Investors carry their own mandates driven by industry type, maturity stage, ticket size and geographical interests. provides data driven ability to filter and match companies that fit exactly their current mandates to deploy their funds according to each thesis.

Investor Anonymity

Privacy is crucial to investors when sourcing the right companies to invest. One of the problems faced by investors in the digital world is deal over flow. allows investors to privately evaluate and open discussions only with firms they have a strong interest to invest.



Deal origination matching the specific thesis and criteria


Deal sourcing with venture finance and performance reports


Deal negotiation with due diligence terms and legal preparation
For Investors